My name is Lydia and this is my writing blog. I created this so I could share my experience with you. I got the idea to set my own blog after reading lots of others, including my mum’s own Cruise blog. (Different, I know!!) But reading so many different blogs has given me the idea to set my own writing blog too. To document my writing process as well as maybe some writing tips that I have to share with you guys and┬ámuch more! It’s just cool to actually write stuff to share with lots of people

I am 17 years old and I live in the UK. I have a brother a sister and a mum and dad as well as a loving boyfriend. I am currently studying Sound Engineering at college and plan to go on to do something more creative in my life.

I will be posting at least once a day, or maybe once every two days, or just short of once a week. They will be writing related. Some might be related to college and my music. And we’ll see how that goes.

Bye for now, lovelies!!

Lydia Xx