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My First Contemporary Novel??

As I have spent these last few months concentrating on college, one thing I haven’t stopped thinking about is my stories. I always have ideas written down, and some never get fleshed out into a real story. A few weeks ago I went over some old story ideas from about a year ago. Although I cannot recall the exact words from this single paragraph idea, I can at least give you the main details.

To start: it’s about a man who is a single father to a baby girl. He lost his wife while she was giving birth and this leaves the man devastated, of course. The story follows his journey looking after his daughter alone, grieving about his wife.

Now the idea came from a sad news story I watched on YouTube about a year ago. I’ll put the link below so you can see for yourself.

The story of Jared Buhanan-Decker really touched me. I cried after watching that news story, my heart aching for Jared. It made me realise that life is truly precious and that it really should be cherished like you cherish a diamond. Live every day like it’s your last. You never know when it will really end.

I had doubts with this story for many reasons. How was I going to make this into a story? There’s nothing to make it into something readable. I’m not exactly experienced with Contemporary novels. I’ve only ever read one in my life and I did actually enjoy it. Maybe one question I should ask is: How do I write a contemporary. Some that I’ve found are very descriptive, talking about emotions which is certainly not my style. But I’m going to try it. I’m determined to. It’s coming out of my comfort zone, but I can do it.

One of the most stupidest writing advise I’ve ever heard in my life is ‘Write what you know’. If I stuck to that piece of advice, I would be continually writing crappy fantasy stories. I wouldn’t even touch on the subject of Contemporary. I would never do it. However, break them writing rules. Writing rules are made to be broken. Don’t listen to them. Write what you want to write, don’t write what you know.

Going back to the story, I’m planning it right now and I plan NOT to rush it. I want to take it steady, make sure that I know exactly what to do with it. Plan the story well, outline it well and write it. I’m not rushing it purely because I have never written a Contemporary story. But writing this story will be an adventure and I plan to bring you, my reader, along with me.

I have nothing much with it yet, only that one of the subplots in the story is very musical based. The main character plays guitar a lot and sings heartfelt songs. I always create a private playlist on YouTube for my stories, including songs that I think relate to the story itself. One of the songs is Jared Buhanan-Decker’s wife singing a cover of a song called ‘Jessica’ on a guitar. After hearing her sing this song, her voice sounded like an angels and now she really is an angel. I’ll link the video below so you can see for yourself. Of course this song made its way into the story playlist. I think I might do a post with all the songs in this certain playlist.

The point of this post is: come out of your comfort zone. If your comfortable writing Horror and Fantasy stories but you really want to write a Contemporary or Lit Fic but have never written anything like that before, go for it! You only live once, do something with it. Write that adventure story. Write that Fantasy novel. Just do it. Make your dreams come true.

Yes I quoted Shia LaBeouf.

Lydia Xx

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Writing Update

Last post was just a general update as to where I was, why there hadn’t been any posts for MONTHS since April. This time, this update is all about my writing. I plan to write updates like this once a month, perhaps at the end of each month, updating about my writing, talking about projects and current works in progress. Yes this post is on the middle of September, but that’s no problem of course. 

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I was talking about my current project ‘Not In My Name’. I have been constantly working on this project, the plot constantly changed, the characters constantly changed, everything kept changing. I can’t explain why , but I started to lose interest in the story and lost motivation too. I have left it to one side for now. It could be months. Or perhaps years until I go back to this story. I have no idea what to do with it at all. It’s just shelved for now. Later on il decide whether I’ll continue it or scrap the idea altogether. Right now, the future is undecided.

While I have been gone, I recently got a new boyfriend. One thing we certainly share in common is how creative we both are. He really enjoys art and is always drawing and thinking up new characters. These characters that he has created are, in fact animals, or mythical creatures, meaning dragons. At some point, I should show you his drawings cause they are pretty cool. His two main characters are a dragon called Kenvetai and his wife, a Fox called Foxina and just randomly, I started writing about these two characters, about how they actually met, which my boyfriend had named ‘Love At First Night’. I finished this story in less than a month because it’s not too long. Around 7,500 words at least and only 5 chapters. This story was the best I’ve ever written, in my opinion. The characters were actually 3-dimensional. They had personality! I could see them and hear them clearly in my head. All the characters actually felt real to me. And, of course, my boyfriend absolutely loves what I’m writing about Kenvetai and Foxina.

So I have lots of new characters and lots of new stories that I’m currently planning. I will talk about this more in depth in different posts. Like, a post purely about Ken and Foxina so you guys can meet them properly. Another post about all the stories that are currently in the planning stages. Especially a post about what it’s like to write a story using nothing but animal characters.

I hope you all enjoy my return to my blog and I’m just happy to be back! There will always be a new post on Saturday, every week.

Until next time! 

Lydia Xx

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I think I owe big appologies to people who read this post. I have broke my laptop so I’m hoping that at some point it can be fixed. But until that point, blog posts will be written on my phone. I’m also back at college for my 2nd year so I have to concentrate on that too. 

But, something good, I will attempt to post something once a week. Everything will either be reading or writing related. Mostly reading of course. I have lots of posts planned so you’ll be greeted with lots of new posts on a Saturday every week. Let’s all hope I can stick to this schedule.

So, with that, I’ll see you in the next new blog post!

Lydia Xx

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Updates and apologies

This should be a point where I apologise. I have not been active at all. College work has recently picked up a lot and I have been concentrating with that. On top of college assignments, I went through a breakup over a month ago, after being in a relationship for a year. But I have a lot of blog post ideas, as I have been writing something completely new that I would love to share with you. As summer is on its way, expect a lot more posts for you all!!

Bye bye for now, my lovelies!!

Lydia Xx

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A New Idea

Not exactly a blog post, but an update. If you will.

So today, I had a new idea for my blog. Lately, I picked up a lot more on my reading, so I have lots to say about it. That set a light bulb off in my head.

A post  schedule will go something like this: Wednesday will be a reading post. Saturday or Sunday, there will be a writing post.

Does that sound good? I hope so.

So my reading Wednesday will have lots of things, such as book reviews, what I am currently reading etc.

Writing Weekends will include my project updates as well as lots of writing related posts which I hope you will all enjoy.

Until next time, my lovelies

Lydia Xx

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My Project: Welcome to Praelin Island (Part 1)

My first original fantasy project. I wanted it to be completely original. When the idea for Not In My Name came, I knew I wanted it to be completely set in its own little place. At first, the island didn’t even have a name. Heck, there wasn’t going to be an island. The whole story was just going to be set in one city, being Attrocopi City, which stood on the outskirts of London. As I kept building on the city, I found it to be too confusing to have it stand in the UK. It was confusing for me, to be honest. That’s when I had an idea to make an island with a few little cities. And if you’re wondering, the picture above is a rather rough (And very bad) sketch of Praelin island. It was one of the first actually once all the cities had names, being; Attrocopi, Kedattri, Jerralyn and Pambihira. In this post, I will take you on a journey through the four cities. This post will be in two parts because there is too much to say about this island. In this post, I will be talking about 2 of the cities.

To start with, most of these places are based off real places, being Whitby and Lincoln since they are two of my favourite places in the UK. Other places include Windsor. I find it better to visualise a place if it is based off a real place like most people do, I guess. I have been to Whitby a few times for Whitby Goth Weekend, and Lincoln, well I am there five days a week for college. So I know that place like I know the back of my hand. Below are two pictures of the places.

I will start with Attrocopi city since it was the first one I came up with. This place is run by a king called Will, and his guards of Fallen angels. (I plan to go through all the species in my story in a different post so don’t ask questions now!) This place is ruled with a rather heavy hand and the most outrageous laws I think anyone had the displeasure of knowing they exist. The laws are from “No animals allowed in the city” to “No music, no art and no fiction books”. There are lots others that were created, but I won’t go through all of them. before King will came into power, all the other rulers before him were loved by everyone who lived there. They were never strict. They just tried to make people happy.

The castle of Attrocopi City is actually loosely based off Windsor Castle (Picture inserted below) whereas the streets are more based off the ones in Whitby. Most of the people who live there are just average people. Nice to have chats with and everything. But they live in fear of the King and his guards.


Most of the people who live there are just average people. nice to have chats with and everything. But they live in fear of the Fallen angels and go into hiding all the time. Anyone who steps out of line is punished. The punishment for stepping out of line is a prison and maybe even death.

Attrocopi City is the one place that always has something going on. A lot surely does go on during the story, but enough to keep people reading, I hope.

Kedattri City is next. It is actually the biggest city in Praelin Island. I consider Kedattri to be closer to the real world. It has average laws, but I think the one thing that makes it stand out to the other cities is conflict. Kedattri has a backstory of that it once got in a war with Jerralyn City that lasted over ten years. Once the war was over, the conflict didn’t leave. There are the usual fights that go on day in and day out. Guns are banned in this city. And swords too, to prevent people being hurt and killed.

And in creating this city, there is a certain character who lives here who practically hates conflict (There will be more talk about him later! He is one of my favourite characters) The usual people that live there, just see the city as normal and a usual place. They are basically blind to see the conflict. Or it is just a thing that they are used to seeing day in and day out.

Just like Attrocopi City, it is run by a king and the castle of this city is based off Lincoln cathedral. Interior and exterior. The king isn’t strict as the king from Attrocopi City, but is loved by the citizens. He even tries to stop the conflict, but what he tries doesn’t work.

Kedattri City isn’t based off anything in particular. I just had the idea to have a city that is just full of conflict, with a character that lives there that just hates to see it happen all the time because of the history that he had. Again, I will be doing a separate post about my characters and things like that. I have lots of ideas for my project posts! I don’t think I’ll never run out of them!

That was part 1 of Praelin Island. Part 2 will be up soon! Promise.

Until next time.

Lydia Xx

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A novel isn’t a novel without characters. And when I started planning my current project (Not In My Name) around 3 years ago, most of the characters were real people, being Fearless Vampire Killers. I did some planning around them, then started planning some original characters. And soon the whole story became original and I decided to try and plan my characters to the fullest. In this blog post, I may show you how I planned my characters.

I did this for most of my fanfictions when I started writing them and found out they work equally well for original stories.


Basically what I did here is I grabbed a picture off the internet. Any picture that best describes my character or pictures of celebrities that closely resembles my character. Next to that picture is a short description of my character. It will include things such as their age, their appearance, their personality and goal for the whole story. It helps me get notes down about my characters and give me ideas. If you want to try this, go ahead. It helped me a lot. Do this for minor characters as well, but don’t make their descriptions as detailed as the main characters.

What I then did for my main characters was create a character profile for each of them. I hand wrote these profiles, but some I am planning on typing them up to refer to while I’m still writing my story. I got the character profile from this website. You could follow this or make up your own. When I type up their individual profiles, I plan to put their picture with it.


One thing that helps me with character development is finding prompts or maybe first line generators or first line of dialogue generators. This helps me find the character’s individual voice and it is so I can see them in a story-like setting. For generators, I like to use this website. Go ahead and check it out if you would like to!

Websites like this are also good to use when you have writer’s block. Just choose a first line generator, copy it down into a word document of your choice, maybe give yourself five to fifteen minutes and write. Don’t stop and keep going!

Everything that I have shown you in this post you don’t HAVE to use. I don’t guarantee that they will work 100% for you. Everyone is different when it comes to writing. Give one or two of these methods a try and if they don’t work for you, they don’t work. There are plenty of other methods out there that you could give a try.

Well, that’s all I have to say for this blog post! Come back soon for my next post. Hopefully, there won’t be a long gap next time!

Lydia Xx