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My Project: Welcome to Praelin Island (Part 1)

My first original fantasy project. I wanted it to be completely original. When the idea for Not In My Name came, I knew I wanted it to be completely set in its own little place. At first, the island didn’t even have a name. Heck, there wasn’t going to be an island. The whole story was just going to be set in one city, being Attrocopi City, which stood on the outskirts of London. As I kept building on the city, I found it to be too confusing to have it stand in the UK. It was confusing for me, to be honest. That’s when I had an idea to make an island with a few little cities. And if you’re wondering, the picture above is a rather rough (And very bad) sketch of Praelin island. It was one of the first actually once all the cities had names, being; Attrocopi, Kedattri, Jerralyn and Pambihira. In this post, I will take you on a journey through the four cities. This post will be in two parts because there is too much to say about this island. In this post, I will be talking about 2 of the cities.

To start with, most of these places are based off real places, being Whitby and Lincoln since they are two of my favourite places in the UK. Other places include Windsor. I find it better to visualise a place if it is based off a real place like most people do, I guess. I have been to Whitby a few times for Whitby Goth Weekend, and Lincoln, well I am there five days a week for college. So I know that place like I know the back of my hand. Below are two pictures of the places.

I will start with Attrocopi city since it was the first one I came up with. This place is run by a king called Will, and his guards of Fallen angels. (I plan to go through all the species in my story in a different post so don’t ask questions now!) This place is ruled with a rather heavy hand and the most outrageous laws I think anyone had the displeasure of knowing they exist. The laws are from “No animals allowed in the city” to “No music, no art and no fiction books”. There are lots others that were created, but I won’t go through all of them. before King will came into power, all the other rulers before him were loved by everyone who lived there. They were never strict. They just tried to make people happy.

The castle of Attrocopi City is actually loosely based off Windsor Castle (Picture inserted below) whereas the streets are more based off the ones in Whitby. Most of the people who live there are just average people. Nice to have chats with and everything. But they live in fear of the King and his guards.


Most of the people who live there are just average people. nice to have chats with and everything. But they live in fear of the Fallen angels and go into hiding all the time. Anyone who steps out of line is punished. The punishment for stepping out of line is a prison and maybe even death.

Attrocopi City is the one place that always has something going on. A lot surely does go on during the story, but enough to keep people reading, I hope.

Kedattri City is next. It is actually the biggest city in Praelin Island. I consider Kedattri to be closer to the real world. It has average laws, but I think the one thing that makes it stand out to the other cities is conflict. Kedattri has a backstory of that it once got in a war with Jerralyn City that lasted over ten years. Once the war was over, the conflict didn’t leave. There are the usual fights that go on day in and day out. Guns are banned in this city. And swords too, to prevent people being hurt and killed.

And in creating this city, there is a certain character who lives here who practically hates conflict (There will be more talk about him later! He is one of my favourite characters) The usual people that live there, just see the city as normal and a usual place. They are basically blind to see the conflict. Or it is just a thing that they are used to seeing day in and day out.

Just like Attrocopi City, it is run by a king and the castle of this city is based off Lincoln cathedral. Interior and exterior. The king isn’t strict as the king from Attrocopi City, but is loved by the citizens. He even tries to stop the conflict, but what he tries doesn’t work.

Kedattri City isn’t based off anything in particular. I just had the idea to have a city that is just full of conflict, with a character that lives there that just hates to see it happen all the time because of the history that he had. Again, I will be doing a separate post about my characters and things like that. I have lots of ideas for my project posts! I don’t think I’ll never run out of them!

That was part 1 of Praelin Island. Part 2 will be up soon! Promise.

Until next time.

Lydia Xx