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Writing Update

Last post was just a general update as to where I was, why there hadn’t been any posts for MONTHS since April. This time, this update is all about my writing. I plan to write updates like this once a month, perhaps at the end of each month, updating about my writing, talking about projects and current works in progress. Yes this post is on the middle of September, but that’s no problem of course. 

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I was talking about my current project ‘Not In My Name’. I have been constantly working on this project, the plot constantly changed, the characters constantly changed, everything kept changing. I can’t explain why , but I started to lose interest in the story and lost motivation too. I have left it to one side for now. It could be months. Or perhaps years until I go back to this story. I have no idea what to do with it at all. It’s just shelved for now. Later on il decide whether I’ll continue it or scrap the idea altogether. Right now, the future is undecided.

While I have been gone, I recently got a new boyfriend. One thing we certainly share in common is how creative we both are. He really enjoys art and is always drawing and thinking up new characters. These characters that he has created are, in fact animals, or mythical creatures, meaning dragons. At some point, I should show you his drawings cause they are pretty cool. His two main characters are a dragon called Kenvetai and his wife, a Fox called Foxina and just randomly, I started writing about these two characters, about how they actually met, which my boyfriend had named ‘Love At First Night’. I finished this story in less than a month because it’s not too long. Around 7,500 words at least and only 5 chapters. This story was the best I’ve ever written, in my opinion. The characters were actually 3-dimensional. They had personality! I could see them and hear them clearly in my head. All the characters actually felt real to me. And, of course, my boyfriend absolutely loves what I’m writing about Kenvetai and Foxina.

So I have lots of new characters and lots of new stories that I’m currently planning. I will talk about this more in depth in different posts. Like, a post purely about Ken and Foxina so you guys can meet them properly. Another post about all the stories that are currently in the planning stages. Especially a post about what it’s like to write a story using nothing but animal characters.

I hope you all enjoy my return to my blog and I’m just happy to be back! There will always be a new post on Saturday, every week.

Until next time! 

Lydia Xx

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I think I owe big appologies to people who read this post. I have broke my laptop so I’m hoping that at some point it can be fixed. But until that point, blog posts will be written on my phone. I’m also back at college for my 2nd year so I have to concentrate on that too. 

But, something good, I will attempt to post something once a week. Everything will either be reading or writing related. Mostly reading of course. I have lots of posts planned so you’ll be greeted with lots of new posts on a Saturday every week. Let’s all hope I can stick to this schedule.

So, with that, I’ll see you in the next new blog post!

Lydia Xx

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Updates and apologies

This should be a point where I apologise. I have not been active at all. College work has recently picked up a lot and I have been concentrating with that. On top of college assignments, I went through a breakup over a month ago, after being in a relationship for a year. But I have a lot of blog post ideas, as I have been writing something completely new that I would love to share with you. As summer is on its way, expect a lot more posts for you all!!

Bye bye for now, my lovelies!!

Lydia Xx

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A New Idea

Not exactly a blog post, but an update. If you will.

So today, I had a new idea for my blog. Lately, I picked up a lot more on my reading, so I have lots to say about it. That set a light bulb off in my head.

A post  schedule will go something like this: Wednesday will be a reading post. Saturday or Sunday, there will be a writing post.

Does that sound good? I hope so.

So my reading Wednesday will have lots of things, such as book reviews, what I am currently reading etc.

Writing Weekends will include my project updates as well as lots of writing related posts which I hope you will all enjoy.

Until next time, my lovelies

Lydia Xx

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I created this blog to document my writing process for all of you that even have the time to read my blogs. Though I am not good at it. I may try to do frequent posts, but I’m not sure how that will work out. We’ll just have to see. I may have abandoned this after the first post, but WordPress at one point wasn’t working. Now it is working! Which is a great start! So I hope to get this show on the road!

Lydia Xx


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First blog post

Guess this is my first blog post. (Hence the title.) So this is my writer’s blog. I plan to do book reviews, NaNoWriMo, book stuff, all of that. So I hope that some of you enjoy all of that. I can’t say I won’t be great at all of this. But I hope to do well at all of this.

Thank you! And goodbye!

InspiredWriter, out!